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PathFinderEX: Northwest non-profit launches disaster preparedness startup

Today, July 31, 2020, marks a special milestone for PathFinderEX: the date of our official launch.

As you already know, PathFinderEX provides disaster preparedness tools, online training, and in-person exercises to build a community of disaster response professionals, and to empower individuals to become fully-capable community responders.

PathFinderEX traces its core philosophy to 2008 when a group of disaster responders realized their organizations needed to train and prepare with others. The group created an annual event where multiple agencies could work together to improve their preparedness.

PathFinderEX builds on the foundation they created, and offers it to a wider disaster preparedness audience. PathFinderEX’s unique approach welcomes anyone—from neighborhood volunteers to fully qualified first-responders. Participants learn critical preparedness skills and are empowered to help and teach others.

As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, PathFinderEX accepts tax-deductible contributions, which help train others in your area to prepare for disaster. PathFinderEX accepts donations via PayPal and Amazon Smile.

In the coming year, PathFinderEX will focus on supporting communities and agencies throughout the region most effected by COVID-19 by providing online training, webinars, and virtual events. Organizations whose training and preparedness most effected by COVID-19 are encouraged to explore novel training solutions offered through PathFinderEX.

To learn more about training opportunities, visit PathFinderEX at:

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